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Picture of the Week 34 – Narita Sunset

I just arrived back in Japan after a week in Canada, and I saw this view after getting off the plane. It’s a nice sunset and the Delta Airlines Boeing 747 plane I was on.

This post is taking part in “Show Me Japan.”


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The Night Lights of Minato Mirai

I’ll let these pictures speak for me. Earlier this week, I was at Minato Mirai at night. There are lots of lights there. It looks great! These photos don’t do it justice. But I hope you enjoy!

I’ve managed to join this weekend’s “Show Me Japan” while on holiday in Canada!


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Picture of the Week 33 – Shonandai view

These two pictures are the same photo. The first is a regular picture taken with my iPhone in the Shonandai area of Fujisawa. The second was changed using an HDR filter iPhone app. Which do you prefer?


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Picture of the Week 32 – Christmas in Japan

Christmas is an interesting thing in Japan. Decorations are everywhere, people buy gifts to give to family, and people eat KFC on Christmas. But it’s not a holiday, it’s just a western import. However, people do get in the Christmas mood. Here are 3 pictures. The first one is in Shonandai Station in Fujisawa. The other 2 are in Landmark Plaza in Minato Mirai. Enjoy!

This Christmas tree is in the middle of Shonandai Station in Fujisawa.

In the very upscale Landmark Plaza shopping centre in Minato Mirai, you can see this crystal Christmas tree.

Here's another view of the Landmark Plaza Christmas tree. I really like this view of the shopping centre.

This is my entry into this week’s “Show Me Japan.”


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Picture of the Week 31 – Crowded Yokohama Station

Here’s a picture I took last night before my apartment troubles happened. I was waiting at Yokohama Station for the Tokaido Line train, and it turned out that it was delayed a few minutes. The Tokaido Line is usually crowded, but with a delay, there were so many people on the train, it was like getting stuffed into a sardine can. This picture was taken on the platform. I think this is what many people imagine Japanese train stations to be like.

This is included in another edition of “Show Me Japan.”


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I may not be doing Picture of the Week this week

Sorry, but I’m going through a difficult situation with the company that owns the apartment I’m supposed to be finishing moving out of by December 13th.  Long story short, they entered my apartment 3 days early and changed the locks.  I still have possessions in the apartment, including some very important personal belongings.  I won’t be in any mood to post the picture of the week if it’s not resolved tomorrow.

Update: Everything has been resolved.  I will be able to resume packing and cleaning  in my old apartment tomorrow.


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