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2012 Picture of the Week (47/52) – Tall

If you haven’t noticed by now, this and the previous two Pictures of the Week have been titled using a single adjective.  I’m using these to show what you can find in Japan.  There’s modern, traditional, and now tall.  I took this picture today while out at Minato Mirai in Yokohama.  We went to the Okome Matsuri (Rice Festival) at Aka Renga Soko, which I’ll post about in the next few days.  This picture is of a tall building, which is the tallest building in Japan, but not for long (one in Osaka will be slightly taller).  Landmark Tower has been the tallest building in Japan for 20 years.  I have posted about it before, but this was just such a beautiful day and wonderful conditions for this photo.  The building’s 69th floor has an observatory which costs 1,000 yen to reach, but it gives some amazing views. I love tall buildings, and I hope to go to Tokyo Sky Tree next year.


The tall Landmark Tower with some autumn foliage.


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Exploring Japan: Day and Night view from Landmark Tower – March 26, 2010

Watching the city change while the sun goes down is an interesting thing to see.  Everything goes from light to dark, while all the lights turn on.  I was in the Sky Garden at Landmark Tower when the sun was setting, and this was a great opportunity for some pictures.  Enjoy the photos!

Looking toward Queen's Square and the Grand Intercontinental Hotel at Minatomirai.

Here's Cosmo World with the big ferris wheel and Aka-Renga area.

There are plenty of new condo buildings here, as well as Pacifico Yokohama and Rinko Park.

This is looking toward Yokohama Station.

Looking west over Yokohama, toward Minami Ward.

Down there is Sakuragicho Station and the new TOC Minatomirai building. It's starting to get darker out.

Here's the harbour area. More lights are coming on.

Looking south toward the Kannai area.

This big blue tunnel of lights was part of a lovers event in Landmark Tower.

Now that the sun has set, we revisit the Yokohama Station view.

And finally, the same view as the first picture. I like both day and night views.

Interested in finding this place?  Check out this map:

This post is taking part in the always wonderful “Show Me Japan!”


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Picture of the Week 20 – Muggy Night in Minato Mirai

Here’s a night time picture in Minato Mirai. The sky was cloudy at the time, and it was so humid that I could see the moisture in the air. The picture was taken last week.

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Landmark Tower and cherry blossoms

Yesterday, I had a great chance to take these pictures. They were taken from near World Porters. Unfortunately, some dark clouds were moving in from the west.

The view from near World Porters

Here's the view from Kisha-michi Promenade.

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Exploring Japan: Enkaizan in Yokohama – January 31, 2010

On a sunny January day, I was going to go hiking on Enkaizan.  Well, I made it to Enkaizan, but I didn’t do any hiking.  However, I did get some nice pictures from this very small mountain.

Enkaizan is a small mountain or big hill in Yokohama, mostly in Isogo Ward.  However, to get there, I walked from Konandai Station in Konan Ward.  This is the nearest station to Enkaizan.  Normally, you can hike from Enkaizan to the Ten-en Hiking Trail in Kamakura.  However, I didn’t see the entrance of the hiking trail, so I didn’t actually get to do that.  On the way back from where I was, I saw the entrance, but it was a bit late to start a hike anyway.

What I did see was a nice view, Gonenji Temple, and a cemetery.  So, enjoy the pictures!

Konandai from Enkaizan

On the walk up to Enkaizan, I could see this view of Konandai.

The road up to Enkaizan

The sign on the left is pointing the way to Enkaizan.

The roadway to Enkaizan Cemetery

This road goes toward the cemetery on Enkaizan.

Bamboo forest on Enkaizan

There's a big bamboo forest on Enkaizan.

The road on Enkaizan

Now I'm looking up the road toward the temple.

Enkaizan temple

Here is Gonenji on Enkaizan.

Enkaizan's temple bell

This is the temple bell. There's a small stairway that leads up to it from the main temple.

View of Yokohama from Enkaizan

Here is a view of Yokohama, mainly the port area, from near the cemetery on Enkaizan.

Minato Mirai from Enkaizan

The air isn't very clear, but you can see Landmark Tower and Minato Mirai from Enkaizan.

Enkaizan landscape

There's some green on Enkaizan in the middle of winter.

Here’s a map of the area.  The peak is to the left, while the temple is in the centre.  The cemetery is toward the right side.


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Flashback: Minato Mirai at Golden Week 2005 – Part 4

Here’s the final part of my Minato Mirai tour.  This time, it’s just a video.  I took it while I was in Sky Garden in Landmark Tower.

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