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2012 Picture of the Week (5/52) – Tokaido Kiosk

This is a day late, but I’m counting it. I’d intended to make this update yesterday. This time, it’s the unique Kiosk convenience store on the Tokaido Line platform in Fujisawa Station. It’s modeled after an old Tokaido train.

Inside is a regular station platform shop. Outside, it looks like an old-fashioned Tokaido Line train.


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Picture of the Week 31 – Crowded Yokohama Station

Here’s a picture I took last night before my apartment troubles happened. I was waiting at Yokohama Station for the Tokaido Line train, and it turned out that it was delayed a few minutes. The Tokaido Line is usually crowded, but with a delay, there were so many people on the train, it was like getting stuffed into a sardine can. This picture was taken on the platform. I think this is what many people imagine Japanese train stations to be like.

This is included in another edition of “Show Me Japan.”


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An effect of typhoons

One of the effects of a typhoon in Japan is train delays.  There’s a storm going over Japan right now that was a typhoon, but is now a tropical storm.  As I was coming home, I couldn’t take the Tokaido Line, as it was stopped or delayed.  I wasn’t sure.  So, I took the Yokosuka Line, which travels in the same direction.  The train was absolutely packed.  It was so full that many people were unable to get on the train, so they had to wait for the next train.  On the train of 15 cars, there were probably more than 2000 people on board.  When I arrived at my station, I saw the Tokaido Line and Shonan-Shinjuku Line schedule board in the station, and noticed the backup of 9 Tokaido Line trains.  That’s 1 1/2 hours behind schedule, and none of them were running.  The Tokaido Line had been stopped for quite some time.  Unfortunately, that line frequently stops for weather related issues.  I took a picture of the schedule board, which is below.  The orange ones are Tokaido Line on platforms 1 and 2.  The green one is the Shonan-Shinjuku Line on platform 5, and it had a time listed.  Notice that it’s 13 minutes behind schedule.  Weather like this really makes the normally very punctual Japanese train system into a mess.

Tokaido and Shonan-Shinjuku Lines schedule board

The orange is all Tokaido Line. There are no times listed for them, so it's stopped, and 9 trains behind schedule!

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Picture of the Week 16 – Tokaido Line Train Not Crowded!

This is a not very crowded Tokaido Line train from the inside. This is an older train, so it doesn’t look very modern. Most trains on this line are much newer. I had to stand, as there were no available seats. There was a very drunk man across from me who had a lot of trouble standing up.

Tokaido Line train

Plenty of people sitting, but it's not crowded.


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