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Exploring Japan: Tokyo Tower at night – March 21, 2010

On the same day that I visited Ueno Zoo, I went to Tokyo Tower.  It was nighttime, so there would be great night views of Tokyo.  Tokyo Tower is located in Minato Ward, near Roppongi, Azabu Juban, and many embassies.  Tokyo Tower is 333 metres tall, and is a larger replica of the Eiffel Tower.  It’s painted orange and white according to aviation laws.  It’s a TV antenna, but with the analog terrestrial TV broadcast signals ending next month, Tokyo Sky Tree is taking over for digital broadcasts.  There are two observation levels in Tokyo Tower.  The pictures below taken from the tower are on the lower deck.  Enjoy!

Tokyo Tower is brightly lit at night in this picture from down the street.

Looking way up in this closeup.

Looking way up! This is right at the bottom of the tower.

Tokyo looks great at night.

Lots of tall buildings.

Here's another view.

Sorry, this one was a bit blurry.

In Tokyo Tower, there's a window looking straight down. Can you do it?

Tokyo Tower isn’t hard to find.  It’s really tall.  But here’s a map of the area:

This post is taking part in “Show Me Japan #29!”


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About the new header

As you may have noticed, I’ve changed the header.  Every once in a while, I change the header to go with the season.  This time, it’s a Japanese garden at the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, which is near Meguro Station in Tokyo.  The museum is called Teien because of the garden.  I will have a post in the future about the museum and garden with plenty of pictures.

Most people I talk to have never heard of the Teien Art Museum.  Have you heard of it?  The museum is the former home of the Prince Asaka Family, and was built in 1933 in the Art Deco style.  I definitely recommend taking a look.


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Picture of the Week 8 – Shinagawa Station

I was in Shinagawa Station in Tokyo today, and thought I’d take this picture. This is going toward the Central gate on the east side. This is a large station, and can be easy to get lost in it.

Shinagawa Station entrance

This is the eastern entrance to Shinagawa Station.


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