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November has unpredictable weather

It’s late November now. A few days ago, it was only 8 degrees, which is January weather. Today, it’s above 20, October weather. Nice day today, isn’t it?

Yes, this was another post about weather, not pictures. I’ll have to work on that sometime.

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The continuing evolution of the tree

I took this picture a couple days ago. The tree is almost completely red!


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New computer!

I’m on my way home now from Akihabara, where I bought a new laptop computer. It’s a Toshiba with Windows 7, 16″ screen, 500GB hard drive, 4GB RAM, blu-ray/dvd drive, 2.20 GHz Core 2 duo processor and more. Best of all, I got a big discount!

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Lychee juice

I found lychee juice at Family Mart tonight and thought I’d try it. I like lychees, and thought the juice would be similar to grape juice. It sort of is, but has a sweeter flavour. Anyway, here’s the carton.


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Why did I take this picture?

I was wondering about how my cell phone took fuzzy pictures, wiped the camera lens, and accidentally pressed ok. I meant to press cancel. Anyway, here’s Shin-Sugita station!



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The leaves continue to change

I took this picture yesterday and forgot to post it. It’s the same tree.


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