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2012 Picture of the Week (13/52) – Dockyard Garden

Located next to Landmark Tower, Dockyard Garden is an old restored stone dock that is now an open space that can be used for events. There are many restaurants with a view of the dockyard. This picture was taken from the bridge over the dock.

The Dockyard Garden is a unique feature of Minato Mirai, next to Landmark Tower.


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Instagram 11-20

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my Instagram pictures.  But here are pictures 11-20, which were taken from May 25-27, 2011.  As before, please leave a comment stating which you like the most and the least and why.  Thank you in advance!

Colourful Machida street (Machida, Tokyo)

Gentle curve at Sagamiono Station (Minami-ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa)

Almost empty bus (Fujisawa, Kanagawa)

English sweet shop (Fujisawa, Kanagawa)

Park at night (Fujisawa, Kanagawa)

Yokohama street from the 5th floor (Nishi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa)

Curry (CoCo Ichibanya)

Dark clouds, but no rain (Asahi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa)

The sky is screwed (Asahi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa)

DoggyMan! (Dog treat)

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2012 Picture of the Week (12/52) – Touch Screen Vending Machine

It seems touch screen devices are getting more and more popular. Smartphones, tablet computers, shopping mall directories, ATMs, and now vending machines. I took this picture on the Tokyo-bound Tokaido Line platform in Ofuna Station.

Plenty to drink, but I didn't try it.


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2012 Picture of the Week (11/52) – Ume Blossoms

Japanese plum trees, or ume, usually start blooming around the end of February. But this year, they’re late. I had a little time yesterday before work, so I went to Kodomo Shizen Koen (park) in Makigahara, and I found this tree blooming. Cherry trees should be blooming in a couple weeks. Spring is coming!

Plum tree in full bloom.


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It has been one year since the Great Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.  At least 16,000 died in the tsunami.  It feels like a long time since the disaster, yet it also feels very fresh in my memory.  That day changed the lives of millions of people in Japan, hundreds of thousands displaced and homeless.  At 2:46 pm today, people all over Japan mourned the dead.  3/11 is a day I will never forget.  Too many people seem to have forgotten.  Not enough has been done for the victims and the homeless.  Too much emphasis has been put on the nuclear meltdown, pushing aside the actual victims, those who had died from the tsunami.

A year ago today, I experienced something only a small percentage of people in the world ever experience.  Those of you who have never experienced anything like this probably wouldn’t understand what it felt like.  Words fail me when I try to explain it.

For the victims of the tsunami, please do not forget.

A parade for the memory of 3/11.


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2012 Picture of the Week (10/52) – Cloudy Skies

Lately, it’s been pretty dreary outside. Mostly cloudy days and rain. Even though spring is coming, winter temperatures remain. The cherry trees are expected to bloom late this year due to the cold winter. Hopefully, it’ll be a beautiful spring.

The Tanzawa Mountains are barely visible from Futamatagawa.


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