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Wilkinson Mixing Blood Orange

It’s time for another taste test!  This time, I tried out Wilkinson Mixing Blood Orange.  I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Maybe sweet, but that wasn’t to be.  It wasn’t sweet at all.  Please watch the video.

Have you tried this drink?

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Mistio Grape

It’s been a while since I’ve done a drink review. But now I’m doing it on video!  I’m going to do some regular taste tests with drinks that can be found in Japan, and here’s the first.

This time, it’s Mistio Grape soda.  Enjoy!

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Spiral Grape

There’s a new drink in Japan called Spiral Grape.  The label says “LIFE needs SPICE.”


Spicy grape?

I’d heard from some people that it tasted like grape and licorice.  Licorice is one of those flavours that you either love or hate.  Maybe I’m strange, but I’m in the middle.  I don’t love it or hate it, I merely tolerate it.  Well, after trying this, I do have to say that I like it.  The flavours seem to match in this drink.  It’s like a grape soda with a dry bite.  It’s not so sweet.  I’d drink it again.


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The Nashi Soda

Sapporo is at it again.  Another fruit flavoured soda is now available.  This time, it’s nashi, also known as Japanese pear or apple pear.  Nashi looks similar to apples, and also tastes a bit like them.  The Nashi Soda does taste quite a bit like apples, but also pears.  It has a strong carbonated taste, as is common with Sapporo’s other fruit sodas.  I quite like this one.  It’s pretty decent.

The Nashi Soda, with its usual penguins.


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Shizuoka Muskmelon Cider

Another drink I got to try from HAC is Shizuoka Muskmelon Cider.  It’s also green.  I was wondering if this was anything like melon soda, but I’m happy to say that it is very different.

The flavour of this drink is like fresh muskmelon, likely honeydew.  The colour is that of honeydew.  It has a strong carbonated taste, as well.  But overall, I like this a lot.  It’s quite good!

Not your regular melon soda.


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Shizuoka Cola

Available from HAC drug stores is Shizuoka Cola.  I hadn’t seen this before, but my wife brought some home and I had to try it.  It’s not your typical dark brown cola.  It’s green!  The kanji for tea (茶) is on the bottle, so I can only assume that this has green tea in it. There are very few ingredients, so I believe this is all natural.  So, how does it taste?  It’s not bad, actually. It’s not as strong as Coke or Pepsi, but it is sweet.  I like it.  I’d drink it again.

Green cola!


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