Shizuoka Muskmelon Cider

Another drink I got to try from HAC is Shizuoka Muskmelon Cider.  It’s also green.  I was wondering if this was anything like melon soda, but I’m happy to say that it is very different.

The flavour of this drink is like fresh muskmelon, likely honeydew.  The colour is that of honeydew.  It has a strong carbonated taste, as well.  But overall, I like this a lot.  It’s quite good!

Not your regular melon soda.



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4 responses to “Shizuoka Muskmelon Cider

  1. That’s pretty cool that you can get these regionally-made sodas around your area. The closest thing I remember from Itami is nihonshu from the local brewery. =P

    • I like seeing these kinds of things. It is pretty nice, but I’m wondering why we can find them so often here. Maybe because the Kanto area has so many people from around Japan. Last year, I saw shikuwasa soda. I wish I could have it again. It was so good!

  2. Love the regional and seasonal goods in Japan. This looks good and would be very refreshing in the summer.

    Japan Australia

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