The Nashi Soda

Sapporo is at it again.  Another fruit flavoured soda is now available.  This time, it’s nashi, also known as Japanese pear or apple pear.  Nashi looks similar to apples, and also tastes a bit like them.  The Nashi Soda does taste quite a bit like apples, but also pears.  It has a strong carbonated taste, as is common with Sapporo’s other fruit sodas.  I quite like this one.  It’s pretty decent.

The Nashi Soda, with its usual penguins.



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6 responses to “The Nashi Soda

  1. Tom

    Thats really odd to see a drink made specifically to taste like pears. Many drinks here in the states use pear juice instead of “insert name of fruit” like caprisun. I used to love eating canned pears until I came to my senses and stopped eating fruit all together.

    • Yeah, it’s not so common to see pear as the primary flavour. But it seems that in Japan, grape juice is often in fruit juices.

      Why’d you stop eating fruit? I can’t eat many kinds of fresh fruit. I get a bit of a reaction in my mouth. Itchy. I can eat canned fruit with no problem.

      • Tom

        I stopped eating fruit for texture reasons. I’m not a big fan of squishy stuff. it makes me think of a balloon with a filling in it like shaving cream and it popping. It sounds retarded now that I mention it.

  2. This one looks good as well. I don’t mind a carbonated apple or pear drink 🙂

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