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Picture of the Week 38 – Bus stop benches and…

While walking in my neighbourhood, I came across this bus stop. Did they run out of benches? Pretty funny sight.

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Japanese plum blossoms

Sometimes, spring seems to sneak up on you. Or at least some aspects of spring. In Japan, the plum trees start blooming. It gives me a sense that spring is coming eventually. Japanese plums (ume) are actually different than North American plums. They’re not quite the same species, or even the same genus. The blossoms are a bright pink, and last through February. Cherry blossoms come mostly in March, but some varieties come in February or even May. I took these pictures on Sunday in Engyo koen (park) in Shonandai.

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Picture of the Week 37 – An urban river

Japan is a very wet country, so you can definitely find many rivers. But in cities, rivers seem very artificial. Their courses are straight, or have an unnatural curve or angles. The riverbed is often concrete for small rivers, and the riverbanks are also concrete. During rainy season and typhoons, natural rivers can spill over their banks and flood areas. In urban areas, they are controlled. Bigger rivers may be more natural in some places, though. This picture is a river next to my apartment.

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A good Denny’s meal!

Last night, I had a good meal at Denny’s. That’s right, it was a tasty meal that I’d like to have again! Denny’s in Canada and Denny’s in Japan are quite different. In Canada, the menu consists of mostly breakfast food 24 hours a day. And they are big meals! In Japan, there is a regular menu and a breakfast menu, which is only available in the morning. It’s open 24 hours in Japan, though. The meals are a bit smaller and are suited more for Japanese tastes.

Last night, I had this meal: hamburg steak with a large bacon steak (yes, it was steak sized), half a roasted onion and fried potato wedges. The sauce was fond de veau (veal broth) with butter and mustard. That was really good! Take a look. Would you like it?


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Picture of the Week 36 – Strawberry Soda

Sapporo (the drink company, not the city) has recently been making a strawberry soda. I was curious about how it tasted, as I like strawberries. I was pleasantly surprised. It actually tastes a lot like fresh strawberries. It isn’t too sweet, and it tastes like a carbonated strawberry juice. I definitely recommend it!  It’s available in Seiyu stores.

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A little America in Japan

Tonight, I signed up for a Costco membership. Costco is very much like its North American counterpart, including the hot dogs in the food court area. Lots of imported food. The Costco store I went to was near Tamasakai Station in Machida. It took 3 trains to get there. Afterwards, Red Lobster was on the dinner menu. It is actually quite different than Red Lobster in Canada. Much of the menu is different, and my favourite shrimp meal isn’t there. But it was decent. Have you been to either one in Japan?

It looks just like Costco in Canada.

If it wasn't for the Japanese on the signs and flags, you'd think this was in North America.


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