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Picture of the Week 3 – Sexy Monorail Curve

I took this picture on my way to work today. This is the Shonan Monorail as it curves toward Ofuna Station. The monorail goes to Enoshima, a popular destination on holidays and weekends.

Shonan Monorail

Nice curve for the Shonan Monorail.

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Sumo again!

Here I am at Ryogoku Kokugikan again. I’m watching sumo. I haven’t met any really famous retired sumo wrestlers, though. Two old ladies on both sides of me have been talking to me. One asks me about my favourite sumo wrestlers, while the other said her daughter is in Canada. I’m not taking many photos this time, but there are a few.

Ryogoku Kokugikan

A wide view of the Kokugikan.

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Picture of the Week Odawara Bonus

I’ve taken a quick visit of Odawara Castle today, so this is a bonus picture of the week. Enjoy!

Odawara Castle

Odawara Castle!

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Picture of the Week 2 – Overhead Wires

A couple of other blogs have pictures of wires in Japan, and I thought I’d add one of my own. This was taken in Sugita’s shopping street in Isogo Ward, Yokohama.

Wires over a shopping street

Wires over Sugita's Plum Road shopping street.


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Picture of the Week – Carp Flags

I’ve decided I’m going to start making weekly posts featuring a picture I’ve taken with my iPhone. This week’s picture was taken in the shopping centre below Shin-Sugita station. Although Children’s Day is over, carp flags are still hanging from the ceiling.

Carp flags hanging in Shin-Sugita station's Arukaado shopping centre.


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Tokyo Station renewal

In many cities around the world, the main train station is often a landmark.  Tokyo Station is a large station in Chiyoda Ward, near the Imperial Palace.  It is the busiest train station in Japan in terms of number of trains per day (more than 3000).  The station’s appearance is very well known in Tokyo, but at the moment, it’s behind scaffolding and cannot be seen.  During World War II, the station was heavily damaged, and was rebuilt afterwards.  However, it was changed.  The purpose of this renovation is to restore the station to its pre-war appearance on the Marunouchi (western) side, as well as some of the interior space.  This should be completed in 2011.  The Yaesu (eastern) side is being redeveloped, as well.  But it will sport 2 highrise towers.  The western side is what everyone tends to see, and it is a very attractive looking building.  But for now, this is all we can see:

Tokyo Station under wraps

Tokyo Station is hiding.

I can’t wait to see how it’ll look when it’s finished.  It looked great before the renovations.

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Golden Week and a milestone

Right now, it’s Golden Week in Japan.  This is a series of 4  holidays within one week.  April 29th is Showa Day, established in 2007, after it was Greenery Day.  Before that, it was the Emperor’s (Showa) Birthday until 1988.  May 3rd is Constitution Memorial Day.  May 4th is Greenery Day.  Before 2007, it was an unnamed holiday between 2 official holidays.  May 5th is Children’s Day, or sometimes called Boys’ Day.  Some people get a full week holiday, while others only get the actual holidays as days off.

During my Golden Week so far, I’ve done something quite big.  Yesterday, I walked from my home in Ofuna, Kamakura to the island of Jogashima in Miura City, at the southern tip of the Miura Peninsula.  It was between 30 and 35km, and took 8 hours.  As I was crossing the bridge to the island, I saw the sun setting behind Mt. Fuji.  So, that is my new header.

Also, this blog has had a milestone.  April was the first month in which there have been more than 1000 visits.  Hopefully, it’ll keep growing!


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