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Japan Post driving school?

Ever wonder where postal workers learn how to drive?  I guess not.  Probably where everyone else learns to drive, right?  That’s probably true.  I’m pretty sure this isn’t a post office driving school, just practice or training for the motorcycles and small vans that postal workers drive.  When I saw this, I was very surprised.  I had a “What the….?” moment.  They were practicing across the street from a driving school, coincidentally.  Also,  when we passed by them about 1 1/2 hours later, they were still practicing.  Have you ever seen this before?


Practicing driving mail delivery vans and motorcycles.

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Kids say the craziest things

I teach English in Japan, and many of my students are children. They can be a lot of fun, or they can be very frustrating at times. But they can also say some of the funniest things in English. Here is a sample:

“I am garbage!” was randomly said by a boy.

When being told about “Be quiet, please,” a girl said “Shut up, please.”

One kid has a fascination with bodily functions. We were talking about ice cream flavours he liked, and he said “I like doodoo ice cream.”

When spelling out 6, many kids will say “s-e-x.” I wouldn’t be surprised if the knew what they were saying.

One girl keeps accidentally saying “block scissors paper.”

I was drawing a family tree on the board to talk about family members, when a girl drew a heart between my sister and I, then said “Jay Dee loves sister? Love love!”

When I ask if the kids can guess my age, many say 25-30, but one said 50. I’m 35, by the way. Most think I’m younger than I am.

And one more. A kid proudly exclaimed to me, “I am Japan!” The other kids burst out laughing.

If you teach kids, what are some of the funniest things they’ve said to you?


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Picture of the Week 38 – Bus stop benches and…

While walking in my neighbourhood, I came across this bus stop. Did they run out of benches? Pretty funny sight.

Enjoy this and other blog posts of the week at “Show Me Japan” on Budget Trouble.


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I did it!

I was able to make a post a day in September, and today is the last day.  Not only did I complete this, but it was also the busiest month in terms of visitors.  More posts seems to bring more visitors.  But I won’t be doing a daily post or daily picture.  I will continue the weekly picture, though.

On a random note, I did something else today.  It was rather silly, actually.  After I finished work, I walked to the station and had to use an umbrella, since it was raining.  Well, I walked for about 30 seconds through a building and into the station while still holding my umbrella up!  I was using my umbrella inside!  I felt very silly, and I think a lot of people were probably looking at me funny.  Have you done something like that?

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Japanese TV pranks

Japanese TV is full of comedy shows.  They’re mostly evening and night time variety shows that involve a lot of comedians and other celebrities, and there’s a large variety of topics and activities.  Sometimes quiz shows, sometimes they show clips from overseas, sometimes they play jokes on each other.  While American hidden camera shows will play jokes on the average person, Japanese hidden camera shows usually play jokes on celebrities.  And many of these jokes may seem cruel.  But it’s part of the job.  The following are some Youtube videos from Japanese variety shows featuring some great pranks.  Just one note, most have no English subtitles.  Enjoy!

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I’m watching the 3 hour Nanikore special right now, and they showed a funny dog. It has “hair” and “eyebrows.” Take a look!


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