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2012 Picture of the Week (42/52) – Signs of fall

Japan is very well known for its colourful foliage in autumn.  Although places like Canada have already changed colour, here in the Kanto area of Japan, we still have mostly green trees.  In fact, most trees will stay green until sometime in November.  Japanese maple trees are famous for their bright yellow, orange, and red leaves, but that’s not until December.  But now, the ginkgo trees are slowly changing to a light green, while the cherry trees are showing some red leaves.  This is a picture of Kirihara Park with its many cherry trees beginning to change colour.


These cherry trees are showing new colour.

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Picture of the Week 29 – Yellow Ginkgo Trees

Around where I work, there are many ginkgo trees. They have distinctive fan-shaped leaves and a small fruit. The ginkgo nut is an expensive food to buy, but every autumn, after they fall to the ground, many people will gather them. They’re free ginkgo nuts! Unfortunately, whenever they fall on a sidewalk or street, many will be stepped on or driven on. Ginkgo nuts stink. They smell bad. But people seem to like eating them. This photo was taken today, showing the various autumn colours. Some trees are still green, but most have become yellow. All three of these trees are ginkgo trees.

This post has been added to a great new photo meme called “Show Me Japan,” hosted by the Japan blog Budget Trouble.  Check it out!


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Picture of the Week 27 – Red Leaves

I think this picture sums up fall in Japan. The colours are amazing. In the Yokohama area, the trees are at their best in late November.

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Isn’t the weather strange?

Yes, another weather post.  For the past 3 or 4 days, it’s been hot again.  It was 31 degrees yesterday.  It’s the second half of September, when cooler weather is supposed to be coming, but this summer just doesn’t seem to want to give up.  Well, starting tomorrow, the temperature will dramatically drop to the low 20s and will be accompanied by rain.  Cool and rainy days are in store for the next 3 days, then warming up again on Sunday.  By next week, summer returns!  What a weird summer.

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The continuing evolution of the tree

I took this picture a couple days ago. The tree is almost completely red!


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The leaves continue to change

I took this picture yesterday and forgot to post it. It’s the same tree.


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