Picture of the Week 29 – Yellow Ginkgo Trees

Around where I work, there are many ginkgo trees. They have distinctive fan-shaped leaves and a small fruit. The ginkgo nut is an expensive food to buy, but every autumn, after they fall to the ground, many people will gather them. They’re free ginkgo nuts! Unfortunately, whenever they fall on a sidewalk or street, many will be stepped on or driven on. Ginkgo nuts stink. They smell bad. But people seem to like eating them. This photo was taken today, showing the various autumn colours. Some trees are still green, but most have become yellow. All three of these trees are ginkgo trees.

This post has been added to a great new photo meme called “Show Me Japan,” hosted by the Japan blog Budget Trouble.  Check it out!


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3 responses to “Picture of the Week 29 – Yellow Ginkgo Trees

  1. Yes, they stink, and I, for one, hate eating them. ‘Free ginko nuts’ – yep in more way than one, it seems. 🙂

    Thanks for joining us, and I want an iPhone too! 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

    • My co-worker calls them poopoo trees 🙂

      I’m glad to join. The iPhone’s camera isn’t great quality, but it’s convenient to blog from the phone wherever I am. I don’t carry my digital camera around with me all the time 🙂 But I have over a thousand photos to add to my blog. It’ll just take a long time.

      • Haha, poopoo trees!!!
        I like eating the fruits of poopoo trees!!! When cooked in a particular way, it does not smell so bad. Taste is unique, though.
        Thank you for participating in “Show Me Japan” and have a wonderful weekend.

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