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This picture shows just how beautiful it is right now.  There are some trees that are nearly in full bloom, but most are still just starting out.  Next week, the trees will be in full bloom.  It’ll be great for pictures!


It’s sakura time!


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Picture of the Week 41 – Myohoji Temple’s Ibuki

I was in Sugita on Sunday taking photos for “Japan by Train” and visited Myohoji Temple (妙法寺), which has a very old tree. The tree is an ibuki, or Chinese juniper. It’s not impressively large, but it is incredibly old. According to the sign, it’s over 600 years old. I wish I could read Japanese better, so I’d know the history of the tree. But this is the kind of thing I like finding when I explore neighbourhoods.

This post is taking part in this week’s “Show Me Japan.”


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The continuing evolution of the tree

I took this picture a couple days ago. The tree is almost completely red!


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The leaves continue to change

I took this picture yesterday and forgot to post it. It’s the same tree.


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It’s autumn

What a difference in the weather. Yesterday was 25 degrees. Today is 15. That’s a big drop! Most trees are still green, but many will start changing this month. Here’s one.


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