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2012 Picture of the Week (42/52) – Signs of fall

Japan is very well known for its colourful foliage in autumn.  Although places like Canada have already changed colour, here in the Kanto area of Japan, we still have mostly green trees.  In fact, most trees will stay green until sometime in November.  Japanese maple trees are famous for their bright yellow, orange, and red leaves, but that’s not until December.  But now, the ginkgo trees are slowly changing to a light green, while the cherry trees are showing some red leaves.  This is a picture of Kirihara Park with its many cherry trees beginning to change colour.


These cherry trees are showing new colour.


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Shonandai Sakura

Yesterday, I went back to the river to take some pictures of the cherry trees with my camera.  Not my iPhone, but my actual digital camera.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted pictures from it.  Well, these cherry trees line the Hikichigawa River in the Shonandai area of Fujisawa.  Most of the cherry blossoms are a light pink, but there are a few trees with white blossoms.  Those trees appear a light green because of the leaves.  Please enjoy the photos!  And after that, there’s a video.  The first 2 photos are from Kirihara Park, while the rest are along the Hikichigawa River.  There were plenty of people in Kirihara Park enjoying hanami parties.

And here’s a feathered friend!

Finally, here’s the video.  It’s about 5 1/2 minutes long.  It’ll give you an idea what the area was like.

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Ichigoichielove is hosting “Show Me Japan” again, and this post full of pictures is taking part!


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