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Things Forgotten on the Train

A couple days ago, as I was coming home, I noticed that someone had forgotten a couple things on the train.  Actually, it was two people that forgot things.  It was so unusual that I had to get it on video when we arrived at the terminal.  No one on the train, so no problem (people have problems with pictures and videos being taken on the train.  You know, privacy concerns).

Usually, people forget their umbrella on the train.  I see that often.  But this time, a cell phone?  That’s unbelievable.  Maybe they had it in their pocket, and it just fell out as they got up to get off the train.  The earphones were also unusual.  But I can understand that they could fall out of a bag accidentally.  Another time, I saw two full bags of shopping.  Yes, groceries.  Someone forgot that on the train.  I saw them get on the train with the food, but how could they forget the bags?

Well, take a look at this video, where I talk about the forgotten things on the train, as well as a bit about cicadas and bats.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen on a train?  Was it in Japan?  Or another country?  Leave a comment with your answers.

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Where are the cicadas?

This is the time of year that the sound of summer fills the air, cicadas. But where are they? I haven’t heard any. It’s eerily quiet.

So, why are they late? Could it have something to do with the unusually cool weekend we had? It was hot enough last week to bring them out, but nothing. I think it has to do with the cooler than normal spring and rainy season.

Hopefully, they’ll be out soon and we can hear their constant noisy song. I kind of miss them.


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Rainy season ending? I heard a cicada!

Many things are pointing to the end of rainy season this week.  First of all, I could actually hear a cicada outside today.  Cicadas don’t like rainy weather.  They’re out when it’s hot and sunny, and the time after rainy season is the best for them.  Second, I checked a few weather forecasts (they all seem to give different conditions), and most of them are indicating very hot and sunny weather later this week and next weekend.  That’s about 32 or 33 degrees.  That’s post-rainy season weather.  This means that for the next 2 months, it should be around 32 or 33 degrees and sunny nearly everyday with the occasional heavy rainfall due to typhoons.  Aren’t we all excited?

Of course, rainy season isn’t over just yet.  Still lots of rain is forecast for the next couple days.

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Typhoon number 9

I’ve decided to take some videos throughout today to show how the typhoon progresses.  Right now, it’s pretty calm.  It’s about 28 degrees and very humid.  The rain is light, the wind is light, and the cicadas are noisy.  Last I checked, 12 people have died due to landslides and flooding in Okayama and Hyogo prefectures.  Anyway, enjoy the video.

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The sound of summer, cicadas

Yesterday, I went to Sankeien Garden in Yokohama, which is near Negishi Station (well, you have to take a bus there).  As I was leaving the 3 story pagoda, I was walking through an area with extremely loud cicadas.  There were so many of them.  So, I decided to take a video, and here it is.  Turn your volume up!

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Cicadas are noisy

Cicadas are very noisy. They come out in late July, but i may have heard one today. Is it confused? Or is it another insect?

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