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Picture of the Week 30 – Snowcapped Mt Fuji

Today’s weather was absolutely beautiful. The air was so clear after the heavy rain storm yesterday morning and the unseasonably warm 23 degrees yesterday. From work, I could see Mt Fuji so clearly, that I could see the snow. I wish I’d brought my camera with me to work. Instead, you get a Picture of the Week, which are all iPhone pictures. Can you see the snow? Sorry I couldn’t zoom in. Enjoy the picture!


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In Japan, there are many sushi restaurants. You can find expensive, high quality sushi, and you can find more affordable sushi that is still quite tasty. One popular kind of sushi restaurant is called kaitenzushi, or conveyor belt sushi. At these restaurants, a sushi chef makes sushi and places it on a conveyor belt that goes around the entire restaurant. You just take what you want and keep the plate. You can special order sushi, as well. When you’re finished, they tally up the overall price by looking at the plates.

There’s a very popular kaitenzushi restaurant called Kurazushi. At this restaurant, the sushi isn’t made by a chef, but is made with the assistance of machines. It’s very cheap! Only ÂĄ100 per plate. I went there a couple weeks ago. It’s not bad, and I’d go there again. I took these pictures at Kurazushi.

Roast beef and salmon sushi

On the left is roast beef sushi, and on the right is salmon sushi.

Special orders screen

On this screen, you can make special orders, including drinks, desserts and sushi.

Sushi on the conveyor belt

Here's some sushi going down the conveyor belt.

Have you ever tried kaitenzushi or Kurazushi?

This was submitted to this week’s very successful “Show Me Japan” at Budget Trouble.


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