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2012 Picture of the Week (15/52) – Miniature Pirate Ship?

On Friday, my wife, daughter and I were on Enoshima.  We went to the Enoshima Yacht Harbour and saw many yachts in the docks.  There was one yacht that caught our attention.  It almost looked like a small version of a pirate ship.  My wife said it looked cool.  Take a look!

Is it a tiny pirate ship, or just a unique yacht painted black? But look at that mast!


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The Night Lights of Minato Mirai

I’ll let these pictures speak for me. Earlier this week, I was at Minato Mirai at night. There are lots of lights there. It looks great! These photos don’t do it justice. But I hope you enjoy!

I’ve managed to join this weekend’s “Show Me Japan” while on holiday in Canada!


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Picture of the Week 4 – Nipponmaru

This is the Nipponmaru, which was used as a training ship in the past. It’s now part of a maritime museum near Sakuragicho Station and Landmark Tower.


The bow of the Nipponmaru

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