Picture of the Week 31 – Crowded Yokohama Station

Here’s a picture I took last night before my apartment troubles happened. I was waiting at Yokohama Station for the Tokaido Line train, and it turned out that it was delayed a few minutes. The Tokaido Line is usually crowded, but with a delay, there were so many people on the train, it was like getting stuffed into a sardine can. This picture was taken on the platform. I think this is what many people imagine Japanese train stations to be like.

This is included in another edition of “Show Me Japan.”


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3 responses to “Picture of the Week 31 – Crowded Yokohama Station

  1. Doesn’t look too bad!
    Everybody always says how crowded Japanese trains and stations are, but so far my most crowded train (or rather – subway) station experience ever was the number 6 train at 68th Street (Hunter College) in NYC during rush hour. Sheer hell. No orderly lines of people waiting to get on, just a mass of bodies pushing in every direction. The train itself wasn’t any better. Local all the way from the Bronx, by the time it got to 68 St, it was sheer madness.

    • You didn’t see how it was after this. I got on another train on the same line later on, and it was so crowded that not everyone could get on the train. It was incredibly packed. Lots of pushing.

  2. It’s a documentary shot! Yes, that describes how non-Japanese presume! I think the worst season for taking a public commute is either Obon or New Year’s holiday seasons…
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful day.

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