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Japanese Seasons

This is a bit of a summary of what I’ve already talked about in the past on here, but now it’s in video form! Take a look at what I think of Japan’s seasons and the attitude that Japan’s uniqueness is partly because it has four distinct seasons.

Sorry about the sound in he beginning.  It seems that the mic doesn’t work very well when I direct the screen away from me.

One thing that I find annoying to myself is that I speak far too slowly.  I have to thank more than 9 years of teaching English in Japan for that.  When I speak with other native English speakers, I’m quite normal, but for some reason, I slow down for the video.  I need to fix that.


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Japan is unique because…

Sometimes I get some of the strangest comments from a few people in Japan, I have to wonder if they’ve ever learned about anything outside of Japan.  One of the most common comments I’ve had is that Japan is unique because it has 4 seasons.  It’s as if only Japan gets 4 seasons.  When I tell them that Canada has 4 seasons, they’re shocked to discover this.  They thought only Japan has 4 seasons.  I then go on to tell them that every country outside of the tropics has 4 seasons.  It really seems to surprise them.  They then go on to say that Japan’s seasons are special, and describe them briefly.  Then I tell them that’s what it’s like in Canada, too.  I think I’ve shattered a few people’s bubbles that they live in.  And that’s a good thing.

On a similar note, even though I’ve been in Japan for more than 6 years, I still have people telling me about rainy season as if it’s the first time I’ve heard of it.


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