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Exploring Japan: Winter lights at Tokyo Dome City

On January 10, 2010, after attending the Furusato Matsuri Tokyo in Bunkyo Ward, I looked around Tokyo Dome City a bit.  It was approaching sunset, and they started turning on the winter lights.  Tokyo Dome City is an entertainment complex that includes the Tokyo Dome stadium, an amusement park with a roller coaster, a spa, and a shopping centre with many restaurants.  I hope you enjoy the photos!

This is part of Tokyo Dome City, a complex connected to Tokyo Dome, that has entertainment, rides and restaurants.

This is the roller coaster. Looks like fun!

The roller coaster actually goes through a hole in the building.

This large geodesic sphere will soon be very colourful.

In Tokyo Dome City, there's a seafood restaurant called Bubba Gump. If it sounds familiar, it's a name from Forrest Gump.

The winter illuminations have been turned on!

This one is very colourful.

There are a lot of restaurants and shopping in this building.

Everything is all lit up. You can see Tokyo Dome in the background on the left.

A similar view from the last picture, but with different settings on my camera.

There's a fountain on the ground floor. I find this place very colourful.

That's the first sphere I saw, but now lit up.

The first sphere with Tokyo Dome in the background. It's sunset now.

There's another smaller sphere.

A look back at the sphere, roller coaster and ferris wheel.

This walkway has colourful arches that change colour.

See? They changed colour.

To find Tokyo Dome City, check out this map:


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