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Exploring Japan off week

In case you’re wondering where Exploring Gifu is, I’m not doing it this week.  Don’t worry, it’ll be done this coming weekend.  I’m taking an off week.

While this is a weekly series, there are only 47 prefectures.  The first week was an introduction to this series, so that would be 4 weeks in which there’s nothing to post.  I’d originally decided to do the 4 largest cities in Japan.  However, I’ve changed that plan.  I’ll be doing Tokyo over 2 weeks (a week for western Tokyo, a week for 23 Wards Tokyo), while the other 3 weeks I’ll treat as off weeks.  I’m taking my first off week now.

The reason for this is that over the past week, there’ve been a few obstacles set against me.  The record-breaking pollen levels in the Tokyo area have affected me very strongly.  On Thursday and Friday, I actually felt quite sick.  I’d thought it was the flu, but it was just my allergies.  I planned to do the work on Gifu over the weekend, but my daughter was having problems sleeping, as well.  She was crying constantly for several nights until finally falling asleep around 2 or 3 am.

To make a long story short, I’ve been exhausted, felt like crap, and had no motivation or time to work on any of my blogs.

After this, I hope to return to normal.  I can’t wait for the end of allergy season.


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