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Coming soon: Hamazushi

I love sushi.  It’s so delicious.  So, when a local Hanaya Yohei restaurant closed, I was happy to find out that it was being replaced by Hamazushi, which is owned by the same company.  Hamazushi is a kaitenzushi (or conveyor belt sushi) restaurant.  They are very cheap, only 105 yen each.  We often eat at Sushiro, but Hamazushi is closer to the station, so easy to go to on our way home if we walk.  It’s opening next month!  I can’t wait!


Mmmm, sushi.


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In Japan, there are many sushi restaurants. You can find expensive, high quality sushi, and you can find more affordable sushi that is still quite tasty. One popular kind of sushi restaurant is called kaitenzushi, or conveyor belt sushi. At these restaurants, a sushi chef makes sushi and places it on a conveyor belt that goes around the entire restaurant. You just take what you want and keep the plate. You can special order sushi, as well. When you’re finished, they tally up the overall price by looking at the plates.

There’s a very popular kaitenzushi restaurant called Kurazushi. At this restaurant, the sushi isn’t made by a chef, but is made with the assistance of machines. It’s very cheap! Only ¥100 per plate. I went there a couple weeks ago. It’s not bad, and I’d go there again. I took these pictures at Kurazushi.

Roast beef and salmon sushi

On the left is roast beef sushi, and on the right is salmon sushi.

Special orders screen

On this screen, you can make special orders, including drinks, desserts and sushi.

Sushi on the conveyor belt

Here's some sushi going down the conveyor belt.

Have you ever tried kaitenzushi or Kurazushi?

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Food I can’t get enough of in Japan

A couple days ago, I made a post about problems I had with food in Japan.  These are mostly pretty minor issues of mine.  Honestly, I love the food in Japan.  There are some foods and restaurants that I love, and always want to eat.  So, here is what I love.

Sushi and sashimi. Before I came to Japan, I’d already had sushi.  It’s quite popular in Canada.  However, I hadn’t tried sashimi yet.  Well, the sushi in Japan is much better than Canada’s sushi.  My favourites are salmon, tuna (maguro and toro) and shrimp for sushi, while I love salmon and tuna for sashimi.

Shrimp tempura. For a while, I kept eating this 2 or 3 times a week.  However, it is expensive, so I’ve tried limiting how often I eat it.  But it is so delicious!  It’s great stuff!

Tonkatsu and chicken katsu. There are a few varieties of this.  Basically, it’s pork cutlets and chicken cutlets.  It’s breaded and deep fried pork or chicken, served with a great sauce.  This food isn’t unique to Japan, as pork and chicken cutlets can be bought frozen in supermarkets in Canada.  But they are a bit different, with a more Japanese flavour in Japan.

Ramen. It’s easy to get instant ramen or Cup Noodle in Canada.  It’s a staple food for university students.  It’s cheap and easy.  However, I rarely eat the instant variety now.  I eat the real thing, freshly made.  My favourite is Chuuka Chaashuumen.  It’s Chinese flavoured ramen with sliced pork.  Very good!

Wasabeef. It’s wasabi and beef flavoured potato chips!  It has that wasabi kick to it.  One of my favourite flavours of potato chips.

Pepper Lunch. This is a restaurant that serves uncooked steak and rice dishes on a hot iron plate.  You basically cook it yourself, and put as much sauce on it as you want.  Great stuff!  Check out the menu here (Japanese only).

Curry House CoCo Ichibanya. So much variety in this restaurant!  You can have any combination of ingredients in your curry rice, including tonkatsu, shrimp, crispy chicken, spinach, sausage, cheese, etc.  You can choose which kind of curry sauce you want (pork, beef, hash and rice based) and the spicy level.  Level 1 is spicy enough for me.  Level 2, I haven’t tried yet.  Level 5 is supposed to be very spicy, and you must be able to handle level 5 if you want to go higher.  The highest level is 10.  I’m addicted to this restaurant.  Check out the multilingual menu here.

What are your favourite foods and restaurants in Japan?


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