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Sotetsu stamp rally

Recently, a stamp rally started in Sotetsu train stations, and from what I can tell, it’s pretty popular. In Japan, many train companies hold a stamp rally, which encourages people to visit every station on a train line and get a stamp. Sotetsu (Sagami Tetsudo) runs one every summer.

What I find interesting is that while it’s popular with boys, it also seems to be popular with elderly men. I was a bit surprised.

I wonder if the stamp rally increases ridership. I haven’t noticed, but I always see children carrying the stamp book to collect all the stamps. If I were a kid, I’d probably join it. Would you?

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Picture of the Week 39 – Train arriving at Shonandai Station

This picture was taken on the Sotetsu Izumino Line platform at Shonandai Station in Fujisawa while a train was approaching. This station is the only underground station on the Izumino Line. What’s interesting is that the Sotetsu platform is farther underground than the subway station!

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