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Some pictures from Canada

I am posting this from my iPhone! It took some time to figure out how to get wi-fi working with my sister’s home network. Anyway, here are some pictures from my first couple of days here. Enjoy the snow!

A nice, snowy street near my sister's house. It's brown because they put sand on the road to prevent it from being too slippery.

Some Christmas decorations in WalMart. Which of these doesn't belong?

Yes, there's Fanta in Canada, too! This is cream soda, which I can't find in Japan.

The parking lot outside Costco.

My sister going through the self-serve checkout in a grocery store.

This is in my sister's car. See the temperature?

More snowy goodness.

Chinese takeout! They don't make it like this in Japan.

Outside my sister's house. This is her driveway. Like how high the snow it piled up?


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