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Who gets the priority seat?

This is a quiz. An elderly couple, an obese woman, and a young man get on the bus. There’s only one priority seat. Who will get it? If you said the young man, congratulate yourself!

On Friday, my wife, daughter and I were going to Tsujido by bus, and we were both in priority seats. I was holding my daughter, so I had every right to sit there. The above mentioned people got on the bus, and my wife stood up. She asked me to move to her seat so one of the elderly people could sit in my seat. I did so, and who took my seat? The selfish, fit young man. He had no decency to let an elderly person sit there. My wife was quite angry about it.

That’s not the only ridiculous thing I’ve seen. On a train, I saw a pregnant woman in front of the only open seat. She was in the process of sitting down when a businessman took that opportunity to slip behind her and sit down before she could. I was hoping she would’ve punched him. He deserved to be thrown out of the train. Absolutely disgusting.

What’s your best story of idiocy and lack of humanity on a bus or train?


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Manners? What manners? Old people don’t need manners.

Have you ever been on the train and hear a phone ring?  You’d probably be thinking some young punk or some mini-skirt wearing, makeup-applying teenager didn’t switch their phone to manner mode (aka silent mode).  But when you look up, you see that it’s an elderly woman.  Probably 9 times out of 10, it’s an elderly woman who doesn’t switch to manner mode.  To make things worse, she answers the phone and begins to talk loudly on it.  Everyone on the train looks at her, but says nothing.  We have to respect the elderly.  But what about the elderly respecting others?  I think there’s a common attitude among some of the senior citizens that they can do whatever they want.

Here’s another example.  It also takes place on a train.  A teenager was walking down the train, minding his own business, when he encountered an older man who was walking in the opposite direction.  The teenager moved to the side, so he could walk past the older man who stayed in the middle.  After they passed each other, almost in front of me, the older man turned around and started shouting at the teenager.  “Watch where you’re going!” he yelled at him.  But the teenager didn’t even touch him.  He was innocent.  The older man was a rude old fart who liked to verbally abuse the young, I guessed.

Elderly men also like to make rude noises wherever they are.  Usually, they make sounds like they’re trying to suck something out of their teeth.  They do this over and over again, then start smacking their lips repeatedly and loudly.  It sounds disgusting and extremely rude.

Whenever I get stared at on the train, it’s almost always elderly men doing it.  I challenge them to a staring contest, which they usually accept, because they think staring at a foreigner is perfectly acceptable.  Children stare, too, but they stare at everything and anyone.  Elderly men should know better.

Last weekend, there was a man sitting in the middle of two seats on the train, and on a third seat, he had his backpack.  He was probably in his 50s, and it looked like he may have been hiking.  Now, this wouldn’t be a problem normally, except this was a packed train in the heart of Tokyo.  He had his shoes off and was massaging his feet.  There were elderly people who wanted seats and my pregnant fiancee also wanted a seat.  However, he wouldn’t do a thing about it.  He occupied those 3 seats like he owned them.  I kept staring at him and talking about it with my fiancee, and the man sitting near where we were standing kept looking at us and back at the rude man.  I guess he understood what we were talking about.

These days, it seems that many older people complain about young people being rude and inconsiderate.  I find that it’s the opposite.  Many high school students seem to be much more polite than the elderly, particularly in the area of Japan I live in.  I think some elderly need to evaluate their own behaviour.  I’m not saying all elderly people are rude and all young people are polite, but I find that most rude people are older.


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Pregnant women and priority seats

Now that my fiancee and I are expecting a baby next year, I’ve been thinking a lot about priority seats on trains and buses.  They’re seats that are designated for the elderly, handicapped, injured, pregnant and mothers with young children.  While I notice that people give up their seats for the elderly, I often see that pregnant women are ignored.  It’s not hard for people to notice priority seats.  They’re a different colour and there are big signs indicating that they are priority seats.  People are obligated to give them up for the specified people.  Pregnant women I’ve known have mentioned that usually people don’t give up seats for them.  They suddenly pretend to be sleeping or so interested in their cell phone or book that they “don’t notice.”  The usual culprits are salarymen.  I regularly see women, both young and middle-aged, giving up their seats for the elderly and pregnant women.  However, businessmen seem to completely ignore them.  When my fiancee and I are riding on the train and some salaryman decides he’s too important to give up his seat for my fiancee, I think I’ll be tempted to do what I can to embarrass him.

Does anyone have any stories about this?


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