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Trees of Tsujido Seaside Park

Near the beach in Fujisawa is a very large park called Tsujido Kaihin Koen (or Tsujido Seaside Park).  It’s used for many things, including sports, festivals, relaxing, and there’s even a small amusement park.  These pictures mostly show the trees of the park, including a pond area.  Enjoy!


Palm trees are everywhere in this park. It seems so tropical.


Parks in Japan typically include a pond.


The Japanese black pine is a popular tree for bonsai, but you can find them everywhere along the coast in Japan.


This grove of Japanese black pines shows how twisted their trunks are.

The trees tend to bend in one direction, the way the wind blows.


The pond contains numerous turtles, including this one.


Looking back toward the pond through some Japanese black pine trees.

This is only a small area of the park, and I have taken pictures of elsewhere before.  I will post them in the future.

After leaving the park, we went down to the beach.  My next set of photos will be of the beach!  There were some great waves.

Here’s a view of the park from above.  We were in the central part.


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Palm Trees in Japan

When you think of Japan, you usually think of Mt. Fuji, Tokyo, temples, shrines, cars, robots and sushi. But did you know that you can find palm trees in the warmer parts of the country? Kanagawa Prefecture is in a humid subtropical climate, and has very mild winters and tropical humid and hot summers. Palm trees thrive here, even though they aren’t native to this part of the country. The two pictures below were taken by the beach in the Kurihama area of Yokosuka. If you looked at them without knowing where they were taken, you might think it was Hawaii or California.

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