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A good Denny’s meal!

Last night, I had a good meal at Denny’s. That’s right, it was a tasty meal that I’d like to have again! Denny’s in Canada and Denny’s in Japan are quite different. In Canada, the menu consists of mostly breakfast food 24 hours a day. And they are big meals! In Japan, there is a regular menu and a breakfast menu, which is only available in the morning. It’s open 24 hours in Japan, though. The meals are a bit smaller and are suited more for Japanese tastes.

Last night, I had this meal: hamburg steak with a large bacon steak (yes, it was steak sized), half a roasted onion and fried potato wedges. The sauce was fond de veau (veal broth) with butter and mustard. That was really good! Take a look. Would you like it?


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