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Brief conversation with a neighbourhood kid

Today, my wife and I brought our daughter to the park near our apartment for a little fun with blowing bubbles.  The park is very well used.  In the early evening, many dog owners meet there to allow their dogs to socialize, and many children play there in the late afternoon.  There’s also a 250 metre track that’s great for joggers and walkers.  Since we were with our daughter, several women approached us and couldn’t stop saying “kawaii!” They kept talking and talking about her.  However, there was one person who approached me and wanted to talk to me.

She was about 8 years old, and with a Japanese accent, said to me, “Hello.”

I answered, “Hello.”

Then she surprised me and said, “What is her name?”

So I said, “It’s Tomoe.”

That seemed to satisfy her, and she went back to playing.  Later on, as we were leaving, I made sure to say good bye to her. Our neighbours seem to be very kind and friendly.  Even though our area isn’t the most beautiful, it does have some very nice people.

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A pleasant walk featuring nice kids and Mt Fuji

Today, I went for a walk around the Tsujido station area in Fujisawa to get pictures for the Japan by Train series (still need to get that started).  First of all, Tsujido is actually a pretty nice area.  Lots of expensive houses, many small shrines and a couple nice temples.  During my walk, there were two instances of friendliness I experienced when I was taking pictures of shrines.  Both times, elementary school aged boys said hello to me (in Japanese), and I responded.  They seemed like nice kids.  Sometimes, while I’m out walking, a stranger will say hello to me, or even try to help me, assuming I’m lost.  Of course, I’m not lost.  GPS on my iPhone is a wonderful thing.  I was also looking at a map, and an elderly man asked me if I needed help, but I said I was ok.  It’s great to meet so many friendly people while walking.

The second big surprise was a clear view of Mt Fuji.  I was at the station when I saw Mt Fuji, and I took a couple pictures.  Enjoy!

Mt Fuji from Tsujido station.

Here's the first picture I took of Mt Fuji from the north exit of Tsujido Station.

Mt Fuji from Tsujido station

I decided to take a second picture, just to make sure I had a good picture. Here it is!


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