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I did it!

I was able to make a post a day in September, and today is the last day.  Not only did I complete this, but it was also the busiest month in terms of visitors.  More posts seems to bring more visitors.  But I won’t be doing a daily post or daily picture.  I will continue the weekly picture, though.

On a random note, I did something else today.  It was rather silly, actually.  After I finished work, I walked to the station and had to use an umbrella, since it was raining.  Well, I walked for about 30 seconds through a building and into the station while still holding my umbrella up!  I was using my umbrella inside!  I felt very silly, and I think a lot of people were probably looking at me funny.  Have you done something like that?

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Another milestone

More than a year after I started this blog, I have now had my 10,000th hit.  That happened today.  Also, July was my busiest month ever, being my second month with m0re than 1000 hits.  I wonder how long until the 20,000th hit.

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading this blog!  I hope you’ll enjoy it even more in the future.


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Golden Week and a milestone

Right now, it’s Golden Week in Japan.  This is a series of 4  holidays within one week.  April 29th is Showa Day, established in 2007, after it was Greenery Day.  Before that, it was the Emperor’s (Showa) Birthday until 1988.  May 3rd is Constitution Memorial Day.  May 4th is Greenery Day.  Before 2007, it was an unnamed holiday between 2 official holidays.  May 5th is Children’s Day, or sometimes called Boys’ Day.  Some people get a full week holiday, while others only get the actual holidays as days off.

During my Golden Week so far, I’ve done something quite big.  Yesterday, I walked from my home in Ofuna, Kamakura to the island of Jogashima in Miura City, at the southern tip of the Miura Peninsula.  It was between 30 and 35km, and took 8 hours.  As I was crossing the bridge to the island, I saw the sun setting behind Mt. Fuji.  So, that is my new header.

Also, this blog has had a milestone.  April was the first month in which there have been more than 1000 visits.  Hopefully, it’ll keep growing!


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