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Picture of the Week 42 – The view from Morisengen Shrine

Last week, I was walking around the Byobugaura Station neighbourhood in Isogo Ward, and came across Morisengen Shrine. To get there, I had to go under an expressway bypass, then go up a steep and long stairway. The shrine was quite nice, but on my way down, I had this view of the neighbourhood, looking toward Shin-Sugita.  You can see the torii near the bottom, and many buildings beyond.  This shrine is built at the top of a large plateau/bluffs area in western Yokohama that is just behind Isogo Station.  There used to be a very large hotel, Yokohama Prince Hotel, on this hill, but it was torn down a couple years ago.

Want to see more?  Check out “Show Me Japan” at Budget Trouble.  This post is taking part in the 15th weekly edition.


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