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Life in Japan: A Return to Japan

Another week, another question. This time, would I return to Japan with my family? Check out my answer.

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Last week, we went to a festival and my daughter had the opportunity to meet Ultraman, who is a famous hero on TV.  We had no time, unfortunately, and ever since, she’s been asking when we can return to see Ultraman. That I have no answer to. But I do have an answer to my next question, which was asked by S. R. Carrillo.

Would you ever return? Or plan to – with your daughter?

20150511-000719-439675.jpg Posing in front of Ultraman…but he’s so far away!

A return to live or a return to visit? Well, the answer to the first is that we don’t have plans to return to live with our daughter, but I’d be open to it after she’s grown up, most likely. Even so, there’s still a possibility we could return sometime to live in Japan. It’s just too difficult to say for now.

As for visiting, absolutely…

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10 Things I Will Miss About Japan

Moving to Canada next year makes me think about what I’ll miss in Japan. Too many things for a list of 10, but here’s my list.

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320px-Flag_of_Japan.svg10 years in Japan means Japan feels like home.  But in a year, we’ll be living in Canada. Of course, I’m going to miss a lot about Japan. Maybe I won’t know what I’ll miss until we’ve been in Canada for a while, but I’ll make some predictions here.  This is what I think I’ll miss about Japan.

1. Sushi and Sashimi

It seems I talk a lot about food. I love sushi and sashimi.  Sure, I can get it in Canada, but it’s not nearly as good as the sushi and sashimi in Japan.

2. Temples and Shrines

I love the old architecture, and I really enjoy visiting temples and shrines.  Can’t do that in Canada.

3. The Weather

I prefer Japanese weather.  Winter is warmer than in Canada.  Summer is very hot and humid, but I’m so used to it, Canadian summer nights will feel cold.

4. Seasonal…

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New foreign registration system

Today, the new registration system for foreigners began. Say goodbye to alien registration cards, hello to resident cards. The new system is handled by the central government, rather than municipal governments, so visa holders receive the new card the moment they arrive in Japan. Visas are now being extended from 3 years to 5 years. Re-entry permits are no longer required. Those who have an alien registration card can keep using it until it expires, they move, change companies, or get a new visa.

What I like is that the length of stay is extended to 5 years, and we no longer need re-entry permits. What I don’t like is that we now have to go to an immigration office to notify them of changes. Before, we just went to the local city office.

But today, there was a problem. The system to issue the cards at immigration in Narita airport stopped working. The same thing happened at other immigration offices. It’s a big headache for those who have to wait.

I won’t be getting the new card until I have a change in my registration or my alien card expires. I’m holding onto that for a while longer.


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Immigration moved

The Yokohama branch of Immigration moved from the Yamashita area to Torihama in Kanazawa Ward. I didn’t know that yesterday, so I went today to get everything transfered to my new passport. Nice day today after have a typhoon pass nearby. The immigration office is in a new building in an industrial area.


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