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Life in Japan: What Japan Needs from Canada

Living in Japan for so long, there are a lot of things I really miss about Canada. This is what I wish Japan had.

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

Having lived in Japan for ten years, there are quite a few things from Canada I don’t have access to at all.  Occasionally, I’ll be able to eat a real hot dog in Costco, find Marmite in Union, and A&W Root Beer in Carnival, but there are some things that are impossible to find here. This week’s question comes from stomperdad.

Besides family, what do you miss about Canada that you wish Japan had?

Most of things I miss are food.  There are a lot of similar fast food restaurants here, such as McDonald’s, Subway, and Burger King, but what I really want isn’t available here.

Harvey's burger and fries. Harvey’s burger and fries.

I always loved going to Harvey’s. The ability to customise your burger is missing from fast food places in Japan.  And eating a Harvey’s hamburger was so satisfying.

I’m not a big fan of pizza, since I don’t like pizza…

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Watching NHL hockey in Japan

The NHL season is starting soon, but as hockey isn’t very popular in Japan, it’s difficult to see any games.  The only place I can go is online for that.  However, watching streaming games is sometimes difficult.  There are live streaming games that are only available in North America, there are unofficial streaming games that are rather choppy and difficult to watch, and there are radio feeds that are free, but provide no video.  What I usually do is watch the highlights.  The games are played when I’m going to work, anyway.  It’s a difficult thing to watch in Japan.


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