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It Can’t Be Halloween Yet, Can it?

It’s early September, and what do I see?  Halloween decorations.  Sounds like some businesses are very enthusiastic about Halloween to be decorating this early.  Not even out of summer yet.  Well, I made this video a couple days ago about how businesses in Japan tend to decorate for Halloween far earlier than they need to.  Keep in mind that the business I show is an opticians and they don’t have a special Halloween sale going on.

Now, this video isn’t just me talking about Halloween decorations.  You’ll want to watch to the end, because I had a rather creepy encounter.

I sure didn’t expect that.


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Picture of the Week 21 – Magical Mintnight

Baskin Robbins is having new special flavours for Halloween, and I tried one of them this week. This is Magical Mintnight. It’s bitter chocolate, mint and pop rocks. There’s nothing like exploding candy in ice cream. It was pretty good.

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