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Coming soon: Hamazushi

I love sushi.  It’s so delicious.  So, when a local Hanaya Yohei restaurant closed, I was happy to find out that it was being replaced by Hamazushi, which is owned by the same company.  Hamazushi is a kaitenzushi (or conveyor belt sushi) restaurant.  They are very cheap, only 105 yen each.  We often eat at Sushiro, but Hamazushi is closer to the station, so easy to go to on our way home if we walk.  It’s opening next month!  I can’t wait!


Mmmm, sushi.

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Okome Matsuri, the Rice Festival

The Okome Matsuri, or Rice Festival, is being held at Yokohama’s Aka Renga Soko this weekend.  My family and I went to it yesterday afternoon and enjoyed the sunny weather and plenty of food.

Aka Renga Soko is often used as the site of many events.  Oktoberfest is also there.  At the festival, there were several tents set up for food vendors, which were selling a large variety of interesting foods.  I’d like to talk about what I ate, since everyone was there for the food.


The festival grounds with the Red Brick Warehouses in the background.


Ebi kushiten (Shrimp tempura on a stick) was pretty good. I love shrimp tempura, and the sauce was very good.


Maguro gyoza (tuna gyoza) was an interesting food. Usually, gyoza has pork and vegetables in it, this had tuna. It was quite good.


This was some of the food, including mabodofu (at top), maguro gyoza, pork, ebi kushiten, and some tomato dish which I didn’t eat. At the bottom was nori.


Grilled chicken with onion sauce was delicious. I love grilled chicken!


Tenkara, which is karaage (fried chicken), was very good. It seemed to have a bit of a garlic flavour.

In addition to the above food, we also had 6 kinds of rice.  There were 12 types of rice available, but we chose 6.  Honestly, I didn’t find much of a difference between them.


Other people enjoying the festival.


Some of the vendors.


One last picture. The sign says “Okome Matsuri.”

There was a lot of good food, and I enjoyed trying it.  I filled up on rice and plenty of meats.  It’s running until tomorrow (November 18), so if you want to check it out, I definitely recommend it.


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2012 Picture of the Week (41/52) – Yakitori

Yakitori, that wonderful, delicious chicken on a stick.  You can find this grilled, cheap delicacy anywhere in Japan.  It’s often sold in supermarkets, yakitori shops where you order and eat while standing, and at yatai, which are small food stands that are usually on the backs of trucks.  This picture is from a yatai.  It doesn’t show any food, but it shows the lantern which you can always find at a yakitori shop or yatai.  I particularly like yakitori with leeks.


See this lantern, and you can find a nice skewered chicken snack.

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2012 Picture of the Week (40/52) – Japan’s Donuts

In Japan, if you want donuts, you go to Mister Donut (or Krispy Kreme).  It’s the most popular donut shop in Japan.  They’re everywhere!  I find that they’re not as sweet as North American donuts, but they’re still good.  And right now, until September 30th, they have a half off sale!  I haven’t bought any, though. When they have sales, the lineups are usually quite long.


This is a pretty short line, but I’ve seen it a lot busier here.

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Shizuoka Muskmelon Cider

Another drink I got to try from HAC is Shizuoka Muskmelon Cider.  It’s also green.  I was wondering if this was anything like melon soda, but I’m happy to say that it is very different.

The flavour of this drink is like fresh muskmelon, likely honeydew.  The colour is that of honeydew.  It has a strong carbonated taste, as well.  But overall, I like this a lot.  It’s quite good!

Not your regular melon soda.


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Japanese food I could never stomach

I’ve lived in Japan for more than 7 years now. I have tried many foods here, and some are my favourite foods. I love sushi, sashimi, gyoza, ramen, yakisoba, udon, curry, and shrimp tempura just to name a few. But there are several I have tried and didn’t like or I refuse to try because they seem revolting in some way.

I’ve tried octopus, but didn’t like it. It’s the texture and lack of flavour. I don’t like the taste of squid, either. I’ll have nori seaweed in small quantities, but I don’t like entire sheets of it. Nori potato chips are delicious, though. I will not touch shirasu. It’s tiny baby fish. I don’t like eating the entire body of animals, and especially with eyes and organs still attached. I won’t eat horumon, or the internal organs of beef and pork. I don’t like chicken cartilage. I don’t want my neat crunchy. I don’t particularly want to try natto. The smell and stickiness is unappetizing. I’m avoiding shiokara, as well. Fermented fish guts? No thanks!

This is just a sample of what I don’t like. I’m a picky eater. Always have been. On the other hand, I have tried basashi, or raw horse meat, and didn’t mind it. I also love Marmite. I know, it’s not Japanese, but it’s something I love that many don’t like.

What do you avoid eating?


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How I’m spending New Year’s

As I write this, it’s very early New Year’s Eve morning, and I haven’t gone to bed yet.  We’re on holiday, and time seems to have no meaning right now.  My wife is playing a game on her computer, and I happened to be playing the same game, though an earlier version.  Well, I’ll be going to bed soon.  But before I do, here’s my plan for the next couple of days.

New Year’s Eve will consist of staying home, eating, watching TV and probably doing a blog post or two.  It seems that my wife’s sister is delivering some food that their grandmother made for us, so I guess that’s our dinner (we were going to have homemade fish and chips).  Also, we’re going to record the Gaki no Tsukai year end special.  My wife doesn’t really like their kind of humour, but I find the year end special to be very funny.  The local shrine has some lights set up, and I’ll probably pop by around midnight to see how they do things when the New Year starts.  I’ll also be drinking some beer.  What will I blog about?  My plans are for a Year in Review kind of post, as well as a top 5 Instagram photo of the year post.

New Year’s Day was originally supposed to be spent at the in-laws’ house, but due to our baby being in the breach position, we have an appointment at the clinic on the first.  That’s how the day will start, at the clinic, seeing if the baby will be born naturally or by C-section.  After that, we have more relaxing and eating coming up.  Meatloaf and gravy for dinner!  And sake (Hakkaizan, to be more specific)!  And the big thing for the new year is that I’m starting up the Photo of the Week again.  I missed it, and want to do it again.  Also, I plan to put up all of my Instagram photos, 10 at a time each week.


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