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Exploring Feels Good

As I said earlier, I was restarting Japan by Train this month, and I finally did today.  I took my daughter walking around the Mutsuainichidaimae Station neighbourhood, and it felt great.  I was able to recapture the feeling I had whenever I went exploring new places, and I found a couple of really nice places.  One was a temple, the other was a shrine.  I’m a bit tired, as we walked for 4 hours, and probably around 10-15 km.  But you know, it doesn’t matter that I’m tired.  What matters is that I was able to feel peaceful the entire time.  I’m definitely doing more.

Exploring Japan will also be returning soon with Niigata prefecture.

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Japan by Train to Resume

Ever since my daughter was born, I haven’t had much time to go out and see things.  In fact, I haven’t been able to do this since my wife was pregnant.  And lately, I’ve been feeling this itch to get out and explore.  The way things are right now, Japan just doesn’t feel like Japan.  It doesn’t feel like what I came here to see.  Everything is routine, work, family, sleep.  That’s going to change.

Starting in October, I’m going to resume exploring areas around train stations.  However, I’ll be bringing my daughter with me.  I’ll be adding playgrounds to as places to see.  Japan by Train will be returning, even though I have yet to make a single blog post for it.  Unfortunately, many of the earlier explorations may have been lost due to a Blue Screen of Death on my old computer where I have all those photos stored.  I may be able to recover them, as it’s just my system32 directory that’s corrupt.  My current Exploring Japan may also not be done every week, as I always work on it on Thursdays, and that’s the day I’d be out exploring.  But it’ll be finished early next year anyway.

I’m feeling pretty motivated to do this, and it’ll be great for some father-daughter bonding, as well.


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