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Life in Japan: Raising a Kid

Here’s my weekly Life in Japan question. This time, what’s like raising a family in Japan as a foreigner? Especially with the fact that my daughter is mixed race (or haafu).

I Read Encyclopedias for Fun

It’s Monday again, and I’m in the middle of Golden Week, a major week-long holiday in Japan.  However, I have work only today, and a couple four day holidays. But Monday also means it’s time for another question about Japan.  It’s S. R.  Carrillo’s question again.

What’s it like to have raised a family there, as a foreigner?


As you can see from the picture, it’s weird.  Or maybe that’s just my daughter.  There are certainly some challenges raising a kid in Japan while I’m a foreigner.  I can’t speak for families whose parents are both foreigners, though.  They’d have a totally different experience.  However, since my wife is Japanese, I get to experience the Japanese side of life, as well.

Basically, I get to spend some time with my wife’s family and see what it’s like in a Japanese family. We mostly go during the New Year period, so…

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2012 Picture of the Week (4/52) – Tomoe

It’s rare that I post pictures of people on this blog. But this has been a very special week, and this picture deserves to be my picture of the week. It’s my favourite picture of my daughter at only 2 days old.

It looks like she's smiling.


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My daughter has been born!

Just a quick little post here.  I want to refer you to my other blog, Foreign Dad in Japan, to read about my experience over the past couple days and meet my daughter!


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Meet my daughter

Sorry for my absence this month.  I’ve been quite busy with work and many other things lately.  I hope to get back to work on my regular blog posting soon.  As a side note, I’ll be attempting NaNoWriMo in November, so my blogging time may suffer.  I hope not, though!

The purpose of this post is to show off my daughter!  No, she hasn’t been born yet.  Still just under 3 months to go.  But last week, we went to the clinic for a regular checkup, and we got the most incredible ultrasound picture of our baby.  It’s so remarkably clear, I had to share it here.  You can also check out many other pictures and read about the baby’s development and my wife’s pregnancy on my other blog.

So, please meet my daughter!

This is a 4D ultrasound picture. Clearest one we've been able to see so far.

Comments are always appreciated, and I reply to all!


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