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Oshogatsu 3: Daigyoji

After Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, we went to Daigyoji (大巧寺).  This temple is very near Kamakura station and the main police station.  This temple is known as a place where expecting mothers can go to pray for good childbirth.  Our time there was pretty short, and the pictures will explain everything.

This is the entrance of Daigyoji.

The red main gate of Daigyoji.

There's a nice garden and path leading to the temple.

This must have water in it during the summer. It's dry now.

My wife washing her hands.

Here's the main hall of the temple.

A close-up of the woodwork at the front of the temple. Notice the dragon?

Here's another temple building.

Part 4 is coming soon with some money laundering (just kidding.  We washed some money).


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