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2012 Picture of the Week (47/52) – Tall

If you haven’t noticed by now, this and the previous two Pictures of the Week have been titled using a single adjective.  I’m using these to show what you can find in Japan.  There’s modern, traditional, and now tall.  I took this picture today while out at Minato Mirai in Yokohama.  We went to the Okome Matsuri (Rice Festival) at Aka Renga Soko, which I’ll post about in the next few days.  This picture is of a tall building, which is the tallest building in Japan, but not for long (one in Osaka will be slightly taller).  Landmark Tower has been the tallest building in Japan for 20 years.  I have posted about it before, but this was just such a beautiful day and wonderful conditions for this photo.  The building’s 69th floor has an observatory which costs 1,000 yen to reach, but it gives some amazing views. I love tall buildings, and I hope to go to Tokyo Sky Tree next year.


The tall Landmark Tower with some autumn foliage.


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2012 Picture of the Week (45/52) – Modern

Japan is modern.  There’s no denying that.  Japan is known around the world for electronics and cars, so you would expect Japan to be a high tech sci-fi-like country.  Well, it has its futuristic moments, but it’s mostly just a modern country.  I like architecture, and that’s one place where Japan shows its modernity.  This building is in Yokohama.  It’s not a particularly tall building, but it shows that modern look.


Curved glass makes a modern look.


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2012 Picture of the Week (30/52) – Building construction

In Japan, you can always see buildings being constructed. Big or small, they have something in common. They’re enshrouded by a fabric, most likely to prevent falling objects leaving the construction site, as well as keep the construction workers safe from the elements, such as wind. Because of this, we can never see the building under construction. It’s always under wraps. This is different than Canada, as we can always see the building frame and the walls going up. Below is a picture I took of a new apartment building under construction in Shonandai.

I believe this building will have 11 floors.

On a side note, this was my 400th blog post!

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