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Japan Photo Blogs

When I started this blog in 2009, I intended it to be a way to save my photos online.  I haven’t even done 10% of my photos, and I haven’t been very active recently on this blog.  I have, however, been very active on a couple other photo blogs.  I’ve mentioned them before, but I’d like to mention them again.

On Mainichi Dokodemo Photography, I post photos that I take wherever I am, and usually once a day.  I may do more, or I may miss a day once in a while, but I fairly consistently post a photo every day.  Recently are photos from the coast of Kamakura with some amazing views of Enoshima.  I highly recommend you follow that blog.

On 365 Rotations, I’m conducting an experiment where I take a photo from 3 locations every day and post them.  I also do a weekly photo from 6 other locations.  Now, this is a limited time project, where I’m only posting photos for 1 year.  I’m 2 months away from finishing, but when I finish, I will compile all the photos into galleries, and hopefully as time lapse videos so you can see how each view changes over the year.  I started it in February this year, and then got to see the cherry trees bloom, everything turn green, and now all the leaves are changing colour.  What I’m hoping for this winter are some snow pictures.  But check it out and follow!

As for this blog, I have gotten back into doing Japan by Train, and I will return to doing the Exploring Japan series.  Things have become quite hectic for me, and I’ve been focusing on my book recently.  Please check out I Read Encylopedias for Fun, my main writing blog.  I have been posting there every day this month, and I plan to continue posting up to 7 days a week (or at least 5 days a week) from now on.

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Exploring Japan not on Hiatus

This is just a quick note to those of you who are wondering where Niigata is.  It’s coming.  I’m not on hiatus.  I’ve just been busy in some other areas recently, and it will be coming along.  I’ve decided not to focus on a weekly deadline for this, as sometimes I do get busy.  I have some other blogs that I’m currently working on, especially I Read Encyclopedias for Fun, which I recommend you follow if you like books, and I’m also working on my own book, so go follow my official author page here.

In addition to the Exploring Japan posts, I want to get back to doing more photo posts.  That’s why I started this blog, for my photos.  I need to get back to my roots.  That will all be coming soon.

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The World Spa & Travel Magazine Blog

I’ve got myself a little official writing thing going on!  I am writing for the World Spa & Travel Magazine‘s travel blog, focusing on the area I live in.  It’s a weekly post that I do, and it won’t take away from my regular posting here.

So far, I’ve written two posts, one about the three most popular beaches in the Shonan area, and the other about festivals in Japan, focusing on the Kamakura Festival, Hiratsuka Tanabata, and the much smaller Warabi Festival.

So, I suggest you go and check out the blog and keep watching for my posts.


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2012 in Review

It’s been quite a year for me, as well as Japan and its neighbours.  There was a flareup between China and Japan over the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu islands, Shinzo Abe became Prime Minister again, North Korea launched a satellite that went over Japanese airspace, and more.  But I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about this blog.

Top 10 Most Popular Posts

In the past year, I saw a similar theme in post popularity as previous years.  In fact, my most popular posts are all from before this year.  They just keep being popular!  Well, here they are:

  1. September 2010 Aki Basho Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament – This is 2 years old.  I guess sumo is still popular!
  2. Flashback: Shinjuku in May 2005 – Part 2 – Everyone loves Shinjuku skyscrapers!
  3. Flashback: Shinjuku in May 2005 – Part 1 – And this was part 1.
  4. A visit to West Edmonton Mall – This wasn’t even Japan.  However, it is a popular place.
  5. May 2010 Natsu Basho Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament – It’s sumo again!
  6. January 2010 Hatsu Basho Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament – Well, half of the top 6 are about sumo.
  7. Exploring Japan: Yuigahama Beach, Kamakura – January 25, 2010 – The beach is popular, too.
  8. Cormorants – Now this just confused me.  Why is this one so popular?  It’s just pictures of cormorants on a wire.
  9. Exploring Japan: Honmoku, Yokohama – August 2, 2009 – Honmoku’s a popular place in Yokohama.
  10. Hina Matsuri, the Doll Festival – Just a little something from my own home.

Noteworthy Posts

There are some posts that I think that are rather important, though they may not be as popular subjects as above.  I’d still like you to read about them.

My daughter has been born! – More important than any blog post on here, in my opinion.

Dangerous driving in Japan – This has been a big concern of mine this year, especially after nearly being hit by a car 4 times due to the driver not paying attention.

2012 Picture of the Week (21/52) – Solar Eclipse – This was just incredible to see.

The tradition of gift money – Is it really a gift?

Bullying in Japan – Very big problem in schools and businesses.  Sometimes it can be extreme.

You’re from Canada, so… – Just answering a question I always get.

Sunset at Shonan Beach – Just some incredible colours.

Things I’ve heard often: My child could never do well! – This really irritates me.  Support your kids, don’t demean them.

Oshogatsu 1: The local shrine and temple – I don’t want you to just read this post, but also the following 4 posts about the Japanese New Year.

There are so many more things, but these are some of the highlights of my year of blogging.

Here’s to a great 2013!

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I want to be a better blogger

Blogging regularly can be difficult.  Sometimes, I feel like I don’t have the time or desire to blog something.  Other times, I have far too many pictures to put into a blog post, and I procrastinate.  Procrastination is my biggest problem, I think.  But I’m going to work on that.  I have some big posts coming soon from last year.  There are so many things I need to work on, Japan by Train, photos from the past year, and photos from before June 2009.  Believe me, there are probably over 2000 photos to go through and post, and I keep adding more.

Blue Shoe of Just Another Day in Japan posted a 2 part blog post about being a better blogger.  Click here for part 1, and here for part 2.  It’s very useful advice for anyone who wants to have a more effective blog and just be better at blogging.  Some advice I have taken, such as using Twitter and Facebook (please click on these and follow for updates).  I’m also going to make an effort to comment on other blogs more often.  Blogging can bring you into a community of people with similar interests, and you can meet some great people.  The past few months have changed my attitude toward my blog.  I want to do better and provide more content more often.

I’ll admit that I do want to see more people visiting my blog, as well as more comments.  I will reply to all comments.  I have several aims for this blog.  First is to show my friends and family what I’m doing and what I’ve seen in Japan (and hopefully get them to visit).  Second, I want to help those outside of Japan see what it’s like in the country.  Third, I hope to provide people with some useful information if they plan to visit.  I love comments.  Most bloggers love comments, as we want to see what our readers think.  Feedback is wonderful!  So please comment often!

Finally, I have a few things planned for the future of the blog.  One is to get to work on my backlog.  Second, I’m planning to take some more walks like I did last April.  I’m also planning to buy a new camera, one that is very good quality, but also not too expensive.

If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment!


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