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A visit to West Edmonton Mall

Today, I went to West Edmonton Mall to see the movie “Avatar” in the theatre. We saw it in 3D, but not in Imax. I’ll make another post about the movie another time, but I’ll just say that it was very good. Anyway, here are some final pictures of Edmonton and the mall. I’ll be going to the airport in 4 hours to return to Japan.

We're going down the Whitemud Freeway to West Edmonton Mall to see "Avatar" in 3D!

This is one of the many ravines in Edmonton. This one has a ski hill.

We're now coming to the river valley. It sure is snowy.

We're driving across the bridge over the river valley. In the distance, you can see downtown Edmonton.

We've arrived at West Edmonton Mall!

Here is the outside of World Waterpark. It's really big inside. More pictures below.

That's Fantasyland Hotel at West Edmonton Mall. It's a theme hotel.

This is a robotic dragon hanging from the ceiling in the theatre at the mall. Every 30 minutes or so, it starts moving and breathes fire.

There's a big lake in the mall, and this is a replica of Christopher Columbus' ship.

That's a submarine in the lake. It travels around on a track, and people can take a ride to see fish and other things.

Inside World Waterpark. There are a lot of big waterslides here! Looks like fun.

This is the wave pool in World Waterpark. I believe it is the world's largest indoor wave pool.

You can jump on a trampoline here. They put a harness on you with bungee cords, so you can flip while you jump.

West Edmonton Mall has a few areas that are themed. This area is Chinatown, including Chinese restaurants, a garden and Asian supermarket.

Another themed area is Bourbon Street, which has a New Orleans theme. This is at the entrance.

Haichu! I saw this in the Asian supermarket. It's imported from Japan.

Nice Lamborghini. Too expensive for me!

The woman is holding a two-toed sloth. There are some animals in the mall, including the sloths, lemurs, fish, sharks, seals and penguins.


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