Life in Japan: Surprising First Impressions

Here are a few things that surprised me when I arrived in Japan. It’s been ten years since then, so it’s sometimes hard to remember the feeling. I miss that feeling, though.

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When I first came to Japan, I had some expectations. I thought I knew what I was going to see. But I was pretty surprised in many ways. This week’s question comes from moldydaisy.

What were some of the things that really surprised you when you moved there? What things stood out in your mind that you would never have thought of before your arrival?

The very first thing that surprised me was before I even landed. From the airplane, I could see the rice fields near the airport. From the air, they weren’t a uniform shape. No grid, no squares, no rectangles. They were very organic in shape.

After landing, I was on the Narita Express to Yokohama, and I saw so many houses that were different than anything I’d seen in Canada. They were small, built close together, and everything was so dense.  Yet there were pockets of…

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2 responses to “Life in Japan: Surprising First Impressions

  1. Agreed. But rather than rice fields, it was the mountains that really did it for me. Well, probably a combination of the two.

    I should note my home state is Indiana and most of Indiana is completely flat.

    • My home province is Alberta, which has the Canadian Rockies. Big mountains bigger than Mt. Fuji. But since I live pretty near Mt. Fuji and have an amazing view of it, I can say there’s no view like that. But I actually didn’t see the profile of Mt. Fuji until a couple years after I came to Japan. Every place I went had no view of it, and if there was somewhere I went with a view, it was too hazy to see. Got a view of it from work, as well as from the park near my home. I love seeing it.

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