A Shonan Beach Walk

It’s been a while since my last post, but I’m here with a big one.  Lots of photos for you to enjoy.

My family went to Kamakura today for lunch and a long walk.  We started off at Kamakura station and walked down to Kua’Aina, a Hawaiian hamburger restaurant that we really love to eat at.  I had a bacon mozzarella burger.



After lunch, we went down to the beach and enjoyed the view.  It was 15 degrees and sunny, and there were several surfers out.



The kites were out, as well.  They’re always around the beach looking for food.  They do a lot of hunting, but also tend to go after food that people have.  I took a video of the kites.


And here’s my daughter enjoying the beach.






After passing Inamuragasaki (the above picture), we could see Enoshima.  However, right below this picture, something interesting was happening.  In fact, a woman asked me not to take pictures.  But…


…after walking a while, I turned around, zoomed in, and took a picture.  They were filming a TV drama.  In Kamakura, there are a lot of TV shows shot.  Not just dramas, but also variety shows, food shows, and more.  There are also a lot of rich and famous people living in the city.



The famous Enoden train goes along the coast in southwestern Kamakura.  We saw a couple trains go by.


We entered Fujisawa, near Enoshima, and I saw an orange Lamborghini, though I’m not sure which model.  However, it appeared to be quite recent.




This is the last photo I took on our walk.  However, it wasn’t the end.  This was taken around Enoshima, and I zoomed in on the small sailboats.  Not so clear in this photo, though.  We continued walking until Tsujido Station in Fujisawa.  It was a total of 13.68 km. Not bad.  That’s our usual walk.


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15 responses to “A Shonan Beach Walk

  1. I’ve been there!!! 😀 At least some of the places in your fantastic pictures. Where they were filming – was it west of the beach in Kamakura? Must have been if you were closer to Enoshima… Nice video of the birds! I tried to do the same thing but only ended up with pictures of the sky. 😛
    Thanks for sharing your incredibly long walk, Jay. 😀

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  3. Faith

    Wow that’s a long walk! We walk to Enoshima from our house in Tsyjido, it takes an hour, how long does it take to walk from Kamakura to Tsujido ?

  4. Was there now in February. I’ve ate the best french fries ever there (an old guy selling churros and garlic french fries). Also the train was really cuuute. *checks to do list* Also I can say, that I’ve seen the Atlantic AND the Pacific AND the Indian Ocean. 🙂

    • Best french fries ever? Really? Where’s that?

      You still have to see the Arctic and Southern Oceans then? 🙂

      • The french fries guy? Kamakura, on the way from the shore to the great Buddha, if I recall correctly just around the 2nd (bigger) intersection on the right side of the street. Also there was a Volkswagen-Coffe-Shop, a uniquely neat idea.
        🙂 Well, yes the Arctic Ocean – that’d be a sight! Now on my list!

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