Isuzu Fujisawa Festival 2014

Two weeks ago, on August 1st, my family went to the 36th annual Isuzu Fujisawa Festival at the Isuzu truck factory in Fujisawa.  Since it was only 20 minutes away from us on foot, it was a pretty easy decision to go to it.

The festival featured a lot of food, taiko drums, singing, festival games, mikoshi (portable shrine), and fireworks.  As you’ll see later in the video below, we didn’t stay for the fireworks, but we did see some.  The video features mostly the taiko performance, which is nice to watch.  The girl dancing to the taiko music is my daughter.  It was her first time seeing anything like this, and she really loved it.

If you’ve watched the video already, you’ll notice that we had a thunderstorm.  It was actually quite intense with a lot of lightning.  But I love a good thunderstorm.


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6 responses to “Isuzu Fujisawa Festival 2014

  1. Loved this video! Just found your blogs and am already loving them so far! I really appreciate you sharing your experience living in Japan; I really want to see Japan one day but for now am thrilled to be able to live vicariously through accounts like yours. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Yup, when I saw your list on one of your sites, they all sounded great!

  3. In addition to the surprising number of local festivals in Japan I also came across a company festival outside Nikko. No need to dwell on the fact it was a copper smelting place, with a huge pollution legacy!

    Took me a while to appreciate the strong traditions associated with companies, towns and villages and the people.

    Did you gather there were similar connections at the Isuzu event?

    • I could see it was run by employees, but there were so many non-employees there, it was hard to tell. It was quite crowded. It felt like a regular festival but on a street surrounded by industrial buildings and offices.

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