Vlogging in Japan

It’s been a while.  No, I haven’t forgotten this blog.  Just been incredibly busy with my writing and book blog.  However, I have started something new.  Vlogging.  I’m making videos on YouTube, and many of them will be about Japan.  So, please enjoy these videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

Here is my announcement video:

And here I take a quick look at rice fields with a surprise from my daughter.

And finally, I made a short video about Guarana Soda.  Have you ever tried it?  Actually, have you ever seen it?

Let me know what you think.


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2 responses to “Vlogging in Japan

  1. I thought you stopped posting. Great to see you back. All the best with the Vlog. You plan to leave Japan?

    • No, I just got so busy with my other blog. And I kept procrastinating, had problems with my computer, and so on. Got a new computer, new iPhone, and now a new push to get back to posting. I still have to finish Exploring Japan. Next is Niigata.

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