Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki

Last night, I had something I’ve been looking forward to for years, wagyu beef.  There are several varieties of wagyu beef, some of the most famous being Kobe beef and Matsuzaka beef.  Below is the beef.  10,000 yen worth of it.  Included was sukiyaki sauce.


Look at all that beef. It’s half fat.


The last of the beef.

So, how was it?  It tasted quite good, but there was a problem.  It’s so fatty that it filled me up very quickly, and I didn’t feel very good afterwards.  My recommendation is to eat wagyu beef in moderation.  And whatever  you do, eat it in thin slices.  Don’t eat it as steak.  I’ve heard others say they tried wagyu beef steak, and it was too oily. It needs to be boiled, not fried.  Sukiyaki or shabu shabu are ideal, I think.

Have you tried wagyu beef?



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6 responses to “Wagyu Beef Sukiyaki

  1. no no, it’s half marbling .. lol.
    (but it tastes soooo good!)

    moderation is definitely a must. One of those things where you eat just enough NOT to get full (and feel horrible afterwards), but wanting to eat more. I probably wouldn’t eat more than 180g as a steak…honestly. And it depends on the cut, and maybe even the rank (A5 is the highest)

    Looks good though! yum!!

  2. Love my Japanese Wagyu. Hida beef from the mountains of Gifu is really good and I recommend you try it in Takayama. The Hida beef sushi from the main street in Takayama is really good and so are the Hida beef croquettes.

  3. You’ve seen my BBQ pics. It’s my hobby. The expensive Kobe Wagyu etc is marbled and best suited for thin steaks cooked rare/light medium rare and not meant to be consumed too much or you will get that queesy feeling. Japanese get it too. They don’t woof down 300+g steaks and don’t eat Prime Ribs. Enjoy it’s beauty and melt in your mouth excellence but it’s not for a main dish in the way a western cut bred beef is.

    IM (semi pro) O 🙂

    • Got it. Although I am going to have shabu shabu in about a week, though I doubt there’s any wagyu beef there (I’ve eaten there before). To be honest, I prefer pork over beef 🙂

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