Isehara Manhole Cover

Isehara city’s manhole covers are some of the busier ones I’ve seen.  What I mean is that there are 3 symbols rather than just one.  Featured prominently is a mountain, Oyama.  It’s a great mountain to hike on, and offers some nice views.  Also, the flower is Isehara’s city flower, the Chinese bellflower.  The last symbol is the bird.  It’s the city’s offical bird, the copper pheasant.  Japan’s manhole covers continue to be very interesting.


This is a colourful manhole cover.



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4 responses to “Isehara Manhole Cover

  1. The manhole covers in Japan are very cool and I always enjoy trying to spot them when travelling in Japan.

  2. I always enjoy looking and spotting them too.

    This one is nice. 🙂

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