Mt. Fuji after the rain

After nearly 40 straight hours of constant rain, the sky began to clear up in the afternoon.  The air was absolutely clear.  What does that mean?  A very clear view of the Tanzawa Mountains and Mt. Fuji.  I took this picture from work today, and it was incredible to see.  Mt. Fuji was capped by clouds, but you can see that it’s still covered by snow.  It’ll be a while until it’s snow-free.


I love being able to see Mt. Fuji regularly.


Filed under Asahi-ku, Japan, Kanagawa, Mountains, Yokohama

4 responses to “Mt. Fuji after the rain

  1. 최다해 gongjumonica

    Beautiful! I missed Japan and seeing Fujisama.

  2. In 9+ years, I never managed to see Fuji from the ground. I envy you!

    • Really? I get to see it whenever the weather is clear. From work, I can see it if I open the window. Absolutely beautiful. I never tire of looking at Mt. Fuji.

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