Early Cherry Blossoms: Kawazuzakura

Today, as I was going shopping, I happened upon a pleasant surprise.  It was Kawazuzakura, or Kawazu cherry trees.  This variety is from the Izu Peninsula of Shizuoka, and is a bright pink.  It blooms from late February to mid-March.  Very nice surprise, don’t you think?


Riverside Kawazuzakura.



Filed under Fujisawa, Japan, Kanagawa, Nature

8 responses to “Early Cherry Blossoms: Kawazuzakura

  1. nice photo.. I haven’t seen this type of trees before and the flowers looks fantastic.

  2. The color is so beautiful. A very nice surprise.

  3. Lucky! Still waiting for the sakura to come out here. (And the rain to stop so we can enjoy them.)

  4. Tom

    I just saw some at one of my local parks. it was pretty cool. The trees were still small and not full grown so I can only imagine what they look like when they are bigger like in your picture

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